Shaun Resnik
Life Coach. Vital Me

Shaun Resnik
Life Coach. Vital Me

Shaun Resnik
Life Coach, Vital Me

Before joining Fresh Networking

“I always had this vibe that networking was about people who were a bit stuffy and desperate for new business. Throwing their cards at each other like seagulls! I didn’t like the idea of it, so to be quite frank I never did any of it.”

What Shaun loves about Fresh Networking

“Not only am I able to network with people and attract more business, but my social life has improved as well. I am going away with a group this weekend and have been to a wedding of one of the girls in my hub, so it’s more than professional development – it’s added a lot to my social life as well, which is cool.”

How Fresh Networking has grown Shaun’s business

“Prior to joining Fresh I was doing a lot of one on ones with clients. At Fresh one of the things we love to do is educate each other. The experience practice I got when standing up and speaking about networking in front of all of these people gave me the confidence to grow my workshops and take my business to the next level and just be more and do more.”

Top 3 ways Fresh Networking has grown Shaun’s business

Number 1
“It’s given me a greater audience to be able to connect with a much larger group of people.”

Number 2
“I’m just vibing with people who I just love and adore, which makes me more vibrant when I go out to there to communicate with others.”

Number 3
“I now do a lot of workshops and perhaps and without Fresh perhaps I wouldn’t have ventured into that area, which has really increased my revenue workwise.”

Why Shaun recommends Fresh Networking

“I recommend Fresh for anyone that’s at any point of their journey in business. You get to meet high quality individuals and you get to increase your social connections. And you know what? It’s bloody nice getting out to the different hubs and connecting with people who are on the same page.”


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