Carol Benton
Message strategist and business writer. Words2Win

Carol Benton
Message strategist and business writer. Words2Win

Carol Benton
Message strategist and business writer, Words2Win

Before joining Fresh Networking

“I hadn’t done any formal networking. When I started my business 5 years ago, I informally networked with people I knew from my corporate life, but of course that was a finite network and I wanted to keep growing and I felt I needed to expand my network.”

What Carol loves about Fresh Networking

“I love the sense of having a group of people around me who are on my side and are part of my success. My business is about connecting people. And I love that connection I get through Fresh. You are with a bunch of people who are running good businesses themselves and with whom I want to refer business to. There’s a great energy and camaraderie and when you run a business on your own like I do, it can get a bit lonely so have the Fresh network it feels like you’re with a bunch of colleagues.”

How Fresh Networking has grown Carol’s business

“I refer people and that satisfying in itself, but it also makes me stickier with clients. I’m the person they ask, do you know a graphic designer etc. Fresh networking provides me with credibility and stickiness with my clients.”

Top 3 ways Fresh Networking has grown Carol’s business

Number 1
“I have some fantastic leads that have turned into really profitable business.”

Number 2
“It’s helped me expand the scope of my business in what I’m able to offer my clients”

Number 3
“It’s helped me with my credibility and getting my brand positioning out there and known.”

Why Carol recommends Fresh Networking

“It’s fabulous value – by joining one hub you get access to all hubs and over 200 people. You really learn how to network. Networking like many things in business is a skill that you can learn – and you learn how to network and get the most out of it. Lastly, I’ve met some fabulous people – it professional, but it’s really good fun.”


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