Emily Potter
Residential Building Project Manager. Build Fresh

Emily Potter
Residential Building Project Manager. Build Fresh

Emily Potter
Residential Building Project Manager, Build Fresh

Before joining Fresh Networking

“I didn’t know what networking was. I was really reliant on family and friends of friends for business. I really needed to find an avenue where I could find more people to work with.”

What Emily loves about Fresh Networking

“I like that you get to catch up regularly. We are always interacting with each other, I can share business ideas with them, I can give advice to other people in the network. Also, I have a lot of people who are willing to get in touch with me and provide advice to me when I need it.”

How Fresh Networking has grown Emily’s business

“Part of the reward of being in Fresh Networking is that I’ve been able to refer business to other people. I know that I’m referring to high quality businesses and like-minded people. I was the highest referrer in the network last year, which I’m very proud of. I always like to think, I know somebody, I know someone I can refer you to. And I know that they will look after my referrals very well.”

Top 3 ways Fresh Networking has grown Emily’s business

Number 1
“I went from being a solo person working out of cafes and trying to find my way in my business to having an established business with staff and my own office over a shop overlooking a park where I want to be.”

Number 2
“My business has grown 10-fold in the time I have been with Fresh. That’s two years, so it’s been a very rewarding experience which has provided me with financial stability and the freedom to explore what I can do with my business.”

Number 3
“Confidence in my brand. I’m more confident in my business, I’ve got great contacts, I’ve got a really strong and supportive group behind me and it’s been very rewarding for our business.”

Why Emily recommends Fresh Networking

“I would recommend Fresh Networking because you can visit other hubs, you can get out there and visit other members and different types of businesses that you can learn from and get to know about. But you do it in a fun environment. Everyone is really interested in each other and we all do great business together.”


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