Nicole Faid
Property Conveyancer. Accord Conveyancing

Nicole Faid
Property Conveyancer. Accord Conveyancing

Nicole Faid
Property Conveyancer, Accord Conveyancing

Before joining Fresh Networking

“Previously for me networking was just me. It didn’t really exist for me. I knew that there was a whole world of networking groups out there, but for me it was about leveraging the contacts that I had built over the years and using those people to build my business.”

What Nicole loves about Fresh Networking

“It’s fresh, just like the name suggests. I love the fact that it’s not stuffy and rigid, yet we know how to be serious and professional. It’s about developing deeper relationships at a one on one level. I love hearing the back stories as it helps me understand them better and as a result you want to refer work to them.”

How Fresh Networking has grown Nicole’s business

“The first year I started to get some business in and I started to refer, however that wasn’t the core reason I joined Fresh. The second year I saw a real uplift in both what I was able to refer and have referred to me. And in the third year, the referrals grew exponentially. And now roughly 25% of my business is attributable directly from Fresh Hubs and connections made with Fresh members.”

Top 3 ways Fresh Networking has grown Nicole’s business

Number 1
“Is the meaningful connections I have made within my industry.”

Number 2
“Is opening my mind to new ways of doing business. Sometimes you need external help.”

Number 3
“Is having access to what I call my silent business partners who are going through the same challenges in business as I am.”

Why Nicole recommends Fresh Networking

“Where else can you find a dozen or more silent business partners that you don’t have to profit share with! The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll have a great breakfast, have lots of fun and be introduced to a dozen or so new contacts.”


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