Fresh Networking is designed for you if you’re tired of stuffy, formal networking groups. We bring you a less rigid, more vibrant and dynamic way of networking – we call it ‘More Connections, Less Blah!’

We know that you each have slightly different networking needs and preferences. We don’t subscribe to the ‘one size fits all’ model. Instead we offer three membership packages: National, Cafe and a ‘Dual Pass’ combination of the two.


Professional networking is a learned skill that requires ongoing development. At Fresh, our goal is to help our members become master networkers. We give all members the opportunity to learn, enhance and practice networking skills. That’s why all our membership packages include the full Fresh Academy program. The Fresh Academy mentoring, workshops and education will guide you to make the most of your opportunity to shine and to generate referrals.

Stay Connected

Fresh Cafe Membership

The original and much-loved format of Fresh Networking. Members meet fortnightly in a cafe in a local suburb. If you like to do your networking face to face over an avo smash, this is the membership for you. You’ll join a specific hub, and exclusively secure your business category. The fortnightly meetings have a fun and flexible format, designed to help you develop business knowledge, create new connections and generate referrals.

As a cafe hub member you can visit any other cafe hubs as frequently as you like, to meet the wider Fresh community and expand your ‘know, like and trusted’ network.

Fresh National Membership

Fresh National Hubs meet over Zoom so are the perfect way to network if you are time-poor, but still want access to referral networking groups with like-minded business people to boost your business growth.

Fresh National gives you the opportunity to expand your network and stay connected, without being restricted by location. And, as a side benefit, you’ll save up to $850 a year on cafe breakfasts, travel and parking.

Fresh Corporate Membership

Fresh Corporate is a networking group for professionals and business owners who work with corporate and mid-size clients. Our members are from a wide range of businesses, with the common thread that we all have strong networks, and want to introduce them to each other. We hold fortnightly face-to-face meetings, along with quarterly ‘Marquee Events’ at a local restaurant or sporting venue, for executive-level guests.

Fresh Dual Pass Membership

The dual-pass membership offers the benefits of both online and offline worlds. Designed for uber networkers who understand the importance of continuous networking to build their brand by engaging with a larger business community.

Dual-Pass members can access Café hubs and online hubs without restriction.

Stay Connected

Fresh Starter Membership

Fresh Starter is perfect for you if you’re interested in networking, but not quite ready to take the plunge with a membership. You might be time poor, perhaps your category isn’t available in your local area, however, you would like to start building your network.

Here’s what’s included
· 4 guest passes to hub meetings a year – Fresh National and/or Café
· Business profile in the Fresh members directory
· Access to Fresh Networking Members Private Facebook group
· Invite to Fresh member events
· Priority invitation when your category is free in your area

What does it cost?
Fresh Starter members pay just $33 per month in a no lock-in subscription.

Fresh Alumni Membership

Fresh Alumni is for you if you’ve been an active Fresh Networking member for a while, understand the value but just need to dial back for a while. You’ve been with Fresh for over two years, and you’ve got a green or yellow crown rating. You understand the risk of ‘giving up on a good thing’ and why stopping networking altogether is NOT the thing to do when you get busy. But…you still need a little break, before diving back in re-freshed.

Here’s what’s included
· 6 x guest passes to hub meetings a year – Fresh National and/or Café
· Business profile in the Fresh members directory
· Access to Fresh Networking Members Only Facebook group
· Invite to Fresh Member events
· Free access to Fresh Academy
· Invite to 2 Alumni Connection lunches
· Re-join for renewal price (not new member price)

What does it cost?
Fresh Alumni costs just $44 per month, on a no lock-in subscription.

Select The Package That Suits Your Business

Fresh Cafe Fresh National Fresh Corporate Fresh Dual Pass
Exclusive category position within your primary/area hub
Access as a guest to all café hubs
Access as a guest to all online hubs
Profile in members’ directory
Member only Facebook group
Fresh Academy Program
Make the most of your membership
Make the most of your pitch
Make the most of your 10 minutes
- 1 year membership
- Fresh Academy
TOTAL - NEW MEMBERS $1,881 PA $1,749 PA $2,750 PA $2,358 PA
1 year renewal $1584 $1331 $2200 $2193
* Save up to an estimated $850 in travel and breakfast costs

Payment Options

You can pay by electronic funds transfer or credit card, whichever is easiest for you (there is a surcharge for credit cards).

To assist with cashflow, you may choose a payment plan option of 3, 4, 5 or 6 months which is paid via direct debit. (Note surcharges between 5-20% apply – more details on the application form).



If you like the sound of Fresh, take a look at membership options and apply for a Fresh Audition.



We’d love to you come along as a guest and experience a Fresh meeting for yourself. You can be sure of a warm welcome and some great connections.


Fresh Networking