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I'm a Business Performance Coach and I help business owners improve their business results by (1) energising people (2) supercharging behaviours and (3) measuring the right stuff.

Successful business owners have three key traits: ClarityConfidence and Control

And those three traits are achieved by focusing on three critical elements of business: People, Behaviour and Measurement.

✅ Focusing on 'People' ensures owners and employees are adequately motivated to do the work.

✅ Focusing on 'Behaviour' ensures the right attitudes and skills are established to enable accountability. 

✅ Focusing on 'Measurement' ensures a simple system to assess performance and foster proactive management.

⭐️ When business owners effectively manage 'People' and 'Behaviour', they gain confidence in their business.

⭐️ When business owners effectively manage 'Behaviour' and 'Measurement', they gain control of their business.

⭐️ When business owners effectively manage 'Measurement' and 'People', they gain clarity about their business.

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Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:

    As a Business Performance Coach, I provide three core services:

    Behavioural Performance: I assess the current state of behaviours across the business and facilitate coaching/learning activities to boost motivation and enhance relevant skills to improve behavioural performance.

    Team Performance: I assess the current state of team performance, including trust, collaboration and results. I facilitate coaching/learning activities to address performance gaps to improve team accountability and outcomes.

    Performance Measurement: I assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of existing business performance measures and implement agreed measures that drive improved performance. 

  • How I can help Fresh members:

    I can help Fresh members:

    ✅ Assess their current motivation and identify strategies to boost motivation to improve personal and business performance.

    ✅ Identify and implement simple measurement to drive more effective business performance; and

    ✅ Gain clarity, confidence and control of their business.

  • The main business categories in my network are:

    Professional services - Accounting and Financial Advisory.

    Banking and Finance.



  • My target market is:

    Business owners in any industry who

    (1) have 5 to 50 employees

    (2) are dissatisfied with their current business performance, and

    (3) want to improve their business results.

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