Kerry Kalendra, A Fresh Networking Success Story

Kerry Kalendra, A Fresh Networking Success Story

I joined Fresh Networking in July 2020 after a fellow mortgage broking colleague encouraged me to attend an event as a guest.

I initially hesitated as I had been to “networking events” before and had found them a waste of time. I also thought I already had plenty of networks from my 20 years in business.

Subsequently I found it REFRESHING and didn’t hesitate to apply for mortgage broker position in PRAHRAN HUB.

Within 12 months, I started to see the results, my buddy hub Darren Kelk, made sure I had the ‘give before receive attitude in my hub’ and the referrals soon started to flow.

Through Fresh, I soon realised my strength was finance for self-employed clients, and this has led to a steady stream of business from Fresh members who have needed expert advice.

Subsequently, a new opportunity has come along to become a member of a second HUB, so I am now also fully committed to helping create a Gold Coast Hub, as this is where we want to grow the next phase of our finance business.

Fast forward to recent times. After visiting some other Fresh Networking hubs, I made connections with two ladies; Franca Locandro, a voice coach and Sarah Bauling, a public speaking writer.

These ladies have helped me shape the vision and script for my first public speaking event to my peers. At this speaking event happened to be two of my USA coaches. So impressed by my presentation, they have now invited me to present on stage in Palm Springs in October 2022 in front of 2,000 people and share my story.

If it were not for joining Fresh Networking, this would never have happened.


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