Nourish to flourish

Nourish to flourish

Every year Fresh has a theme, and for 2024 it’s ‘Nourish to Flourish’. Throughout the year, we’ll be looking at how to nourish your network so your business will flourish. So I thought I’d explain why I selected this theme and take you through the five steps to nourishing your network for a flourishing business. 

New Year, new me

For me, 2024 started with a boost in energy, activity, and health. 2023 had been the year of the unhealthy relationship and all that goes with it – a little too much drinking, a lot too much of the wrong foods, and definitely not enough exercise. I was feeling sluggish and slow. I decided I needed to nourish myself mentally and physically and started the year with some positive changes. As I took the steps to nourish myself, I realised that the same five can also be applied to nourishing your network, and building a flourishing business… 

Step 1 – Purpose

A commitment to nourishment is more likely to succeed if you have a ‘why’. My why for improving my health was primarily my kids – I want to be around as they become adults, be a great Dad, and support them through the ups and downs of life. 

When I speak to Fresh members, the biggest ‘why’ for nourishing their networking is the immense impact it can have on helping their business to flourish. But they’re also motivated by making new connections, relieving the loneliness of the solopreneur and personal development. 

Step 2 – Set measurable goals 

In my case, the first clear goal for my nourishment initiative was to reach my target weight. Weight is easily measurable, and that’s so important, because being able to see tangible results is such a motivator to continue. I had a fitness and energy goal, which I measured by the distance I could run (resulting in an unplanned half-marathon when I simply didn’t feel the need to stop!) and I also wanted to reduce my cholesterol to within the healthy limits. 

Measurable goals are important for nourishing your networking too. You might set yourself goals for bringing guests, making introductions, visiting other hubs, meeting new people. When it comes to measurement, Fresh makes it simple – we’ve developed the member portal as the place to enter and track all your key networking measures of success. 

Step 3 – Get the right support team around you

For my nourishment journey, I engaged a nutrition coach (shout out to Leanne Jones of the Doncaster hub). She provided advice, encouragement and accountability, and ensures that I stay on track. 

When it comes to nourishing your networking, your fellow Freshies form a strong team around you, supporting and encouraging you and keeping you on track. They want to see you do well, they’ll check in with you if you miss a meeting, and your shared bone will make you want to support them.  

Step 4 – Develop your knowledge and skills

A new, healthier, nourishing lifestyle meant I had to educate myself on nutrition and learn new habits and attitudes. I’ve learnt, for example, that when I exercised in the past, I did it without the right nutrition, which is why I got so many injuries. 

Nourishing your networking requires skills, some of which may not come naturally at first, and must be learned. Fresh makes it easy for you to learn and develop – our Fresh Academy training program allows you to learn from experts, and there are opportunities to facilitate and present at meetings. Learning sometimes takes you outside your comfort zone, but we provide the safety net of the Fresh community to support you. 

Step 5 – Nourish yourself

Once all the preparation is in place, you must actually take in the nourishment. My newfound energy and ‘joie de vivre’ were made possible through the right balance of the right food, water and supplements, and mentally through healthy sleep, and techniques for reducing stress.   

Nourishment in networking is similarly all about feeding yourself the good stuff: meeting great people; having fun with friends; engaging in interesting conversations; learning new skills. These are the food and drink of networking; they help us to nourish our connections and build flourishing businesses. 

The results

For me, my new lifestyle has made me more confident and happier (especially when I can tighten my belt two more notches, or people comment on how healthy I look). I have more energy and don’t get tired during the day; exercise doesn’t result in injuries; and my resting heartbeat is down by 15 beats per minute! My brain is clearer, I can focus better on my business, and I even reckon I’m wittier!   

When you nourish your networking, expect to feel confident in your new skills; energised by the vibrant people around you; boosted by new connections; more creative by being open to new ideas and ways of thinking; and valued because you are helping others. Above all, in nourishing and growing your network, creating relationships and referrals, you’ll be ensuring that your business flourishes. 


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