Welcome to 2022 – the year we ‘Ignite to Delight’

Welcome to 2022 – the year we ‘Ignite to Delight’

Welcome to a new year of networking – now that we’re all back from the beach, ready to roll, rested and recovered, it’s time to ramp up the energy for a fresh and fabulous 2022!

In this, our first newsletter of the year, I want to set the scene by sharing with you my Fresh theme for 2022 and what it means for our networking and beyond. So…(drumroll please)…the theme for what will hopefully be our post-pandemic year, is Ignite2Delight.

Creating a spark
‘Ignite’ is all about finding (or re-finding) your energy, your passion, the reason you’re in your business. It’s lighting the fire inside yourself. You can be the best expert ever at what you do, but without passion, people are not going to be drawn to you. Networking is all about drawing people into your circle, and it is passion that creates the magnetic pull.

Remember jet-lag? In the days when we could travel, jet-lag was the price we paid for transitioning into a new time-zone, where normality is turned on its head. Many of us have been suffering ‘lockdown-lag’ – the lethargy and displacement that comes from finding ourselves in a world where nothing is as it was. But just as our bodies adapt to the new time-zone and regain energy, so we have to re-calibrate into our new world. Now is not the time to slow down, or put off networking. It’s time to embrace our new situation, put the past two years behind us and get going on making and strengthening our connections.

Creating a routine
I find that getting over jet-lag is all about creating a new routine – eating, sleeping, exercising based on your new time-zone. It’s the same in business – getting out of lockdown-lag is about building routines for your new business environment. At Fresh, we help with a routine for networking – we provide the framework to help you build the connections that will grow your business.

Creating relationships
‘Delight’ is all about the reactions and relationships you can create when you are truly ignited. Not only with your fellow networkers, but with your clients, friends and family too.

It’s not about making big statements or having outrageous goals. I don’t believe in the ‘New Year Resolution’ approach – all too often, in making them, we place so much pressure and expectation on ourselves that it’s no wonder they’re broken by mid-January. I prefer to have smaller goals, maybe something new each week or month, for the way I can delight those around me.

The ‘Networking Delight’ top ten
Here’s my ‘top ten’ suggestions for small goals for delighting others in your Fresh network:
1. Bring guests as they add energy to every meeting
2. Always show up with a ‘can do’ positive attitude
3. Be a connector, think about who would be a great introduction for your contacts
4. Be a giver without expecting anything in return
5. Volunteer and contribute as a leader, the Fresh community succeeds because of the time and energy our members put in.
6. Think Fresh First – if you find a business requirement, who in Fresh can meet it? (Check out the Fresh Directory).
7. Smile! It costs nothing and it brightens our day.
8. Be curious – ask questions, spend longer listening than talking
9. Turn up – networking is about being present
10. Treat each meeting as a brand new Fresh episode – remember that guests are coming for the first time so don’t get ‘everyone knows me’ lazy. Ignite your pitch and be memorable.

Those are my tips, but I know you’ll have plenty more ideas, and I’d love you to share them with me. How are you going to IGNITE your passion and get out of lockdown-lag? How are you going to use that flame to DELIGHT those around you? What suggestions would you add to my list?

Get in touch, share your thoughts, and above all – let’s make 2022 the year we all IGNITE2DELIGHT!


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