The upside of a global pandemic – Networking Online!

The upside of a global pandemic – Networking Online!

Eighteen months ago, after a trip home to London, I knew that the time had come to move back home. My parents weren’t getting any younger and, at 91 and 81 I knew that I was very lucky to still have them and after 12 years in Australia had to spend some time with them whilst I still had that marvellous privilege.
So, I started planning…
Step 1 was to get my husband and children to agree, which went better than planned (must have been my great elevator pitch!).

Then I started thinking about my business. My transition plan was based on being able to retain 50% of my Australian client base while I expanded my business in the UK. I also realised that not being able to remain in Fresh would leave a big hole in my business and personal life – I had come to really value the connections and friendships I’d made.

The one thing I certainly didn’t envisage was trying to make an international move in the middle of a once-a-century global pandemic. But my daughter’s school schedule gave me no option to postpone – it was August or never.

The pandemic, or at least the way in which it forced us all online, and put zoom into our everyday vocabulary (along with ‘you’re on mute’!) turned out to be a massive plus for me in 3 ways:

1. Before the move, at the start of the pandemic, Fresh online gave structure and connection to my days. I attended hubs I never would have got to in person (and, as a bonus, my referrals doubled in number and tripled in value).

2. When I moved to London, I switched to the Fresh Online Hub, and love knowing that my membership of Fresh will continue even after many Freshies are back in cafes. I am building great relationships with my new hub-mates, even though we’ve never met face to face.

3. I have retained 100% of my Australian clients and am still getting new referrals through Fresh. No-one bats an eyelid at doing business over zoom and location is just not even an issue.

For me, online networking could not have come at a better time. It’s kept me connected, kept my business vibrant and busy and I am delighted to hold the title of Fresh’s longest distance member!


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