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Rohan Burgess

Cashflow Finance Specialist Capital Financing

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Since being in business I have come to realize that we as business owners don't know all the aspects of our business and we should.  Even if we are outsourcing those aspects.

One aspect of business I am passionate about is cash flow and helping businesses to improve their cash flow whether it is through education or lending.  Cash flow helps businesses to grow.

At Capital Financing we have access to a range of professionals and lenders to help yours or your clients businesses to improve their cash flow, grow their business and reduce the stress of access to funds.

95% of businesses fail in the first 5 years and over half those are due to cash flow management and funding.  Don't let your client's businesses be one of the 95%

Capital Financing is staffed by experienced people, with our founder Rohan Burgess being in the finance industry for over 25 years! Our staff have worked in a variety of departments in the finance industry including collections, acceptance, wholesale and commercial finance. They are now bringing that experience to Capital Financing.

When we started Capital Financing, we saw the need for a finance broking firm focusing on small and medium businesses and felt their need to have a trusted broker.
Their broker would help facilitate short-term funding needs and long-term growth, all while providing accountability by keeping in communication with the client every step of the way.
This is why Capital Financing exists!

The values of our company are something we hold very highly. We’re proud of how we strive to understand our client’s needs and fill them to the best of our ability.

Our Values

  • Excellence – We believe in being people of our word and following through on every promise.  We under promise and over deliver
  • Fun – We like to have a fun productive  attitude in the office and an approachable, professional attitude when dealing with clients, prospects and partners
  • Honesty & Integrity – ALL our dealings are honest and ethical.
  • Accountable – We are accountable to our client and government regulators.
  • Timely – We process enquiries’ and applications within given timeframes…or give you a report on the progress of you application.
  • Professional – We attend meetings on time and present in a professional manner.
  • Listening – EVERY prospect, client, partner and employee  deserves to be listened to and heard.
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Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:
    • Debtor Finance
    • Supplier Credit
    • Customer Installment Plans
    • Short Term Working Capital Finance
    • Credit Risk Management
    • Payment Processing and Collections
    • Finance alternatives for small to medium businesses
    • Unsecured low doc business loans
  • How I can help Fresh members:

    I can help Fresh members by connecting them with professionals who can help grow your business through cash flow management, education and lending.

    I can help your clients with the same services.  It's not always about lending sometimes it's about improving their processes.

    Being a bit unique in my product offerings I can help guests to achieve growth through the same resources as members are offered. 

  • The main business categories in my network are:
    • Construction
    • Trades
    • Importers
    • Manufacturing
  • My target market is:
    • Small to medium businesses
    • $100,000+ Turnover per annum
    • Construction, logistics and importers
    • Wanting to grow their business

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