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All good businesses deliver value. But not all of them actually communicate that value. Many businesses therefore simply talk about the ‘what’, rather than the ‘so what’ of their offer. The result - they end up with a disjointed, confusing message and they waste valuable marketing dollars on 'communication' that doesn't help to win them new customers and grow their business. 

Communicating your value means finding the passion in what you do, understanding your clients, being clear about what you offer and the benefits you bring to their life or business.    

Words2Win helps businesses to understand and articulate their value, so they can engage better with their target audience and ultimately win more business. 

Carol Benton, founder and business writer at Words2Win, combines the  skills needed to produce winning sales communications; world class international sales experience, the ability to draw out important elements of a message and a talent for communicating in writing.

Carol spent 30 years in corporate sales and marketing – the majority in technology powerhouse and world leading brand IBM.  In that time, she wrote, reviewed and received a range of sales communication material - some great, and some that showed her that many businesses need a lot of help with their message.    

As well as hand on sales experience, corporate life gave Carol unparalleled access to the best sales, marketing and leadership training available, including education at:

  • The London Business School
  • Macquarie Graduate School of Management
  • The Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK)

Carol has a skill for ‘translation’ – taking an idea and representing it in the most appropriate form for the audience. She can quickly get to the heart of what a solution offers and then she helps her clients translate from ‘what we do’ to ‘what benefits the client’.

She understands the importance of structure, for organisation of ideas, clarity and impact and is highly adept at summarising big ideas and plans into executive level summaries.

She has a passion for effective communication and a drive to find the words to communicate to people in terms that mean the most to them. She used this talent in her corporate career, representing IBM in print and television media.

Carol is a languages graduate with impeccable attention to detail for structure, vocabulary and grammar. She speaks fluent French and has a working knowledge of several other languages. Her experience of working in the UK and Australia gives her an insight into the similarities and differences in the two countries, useful to clients from one wanting to win business in the other.

She is a highly capable public speaker and qualified as a Competent Toastmaster with Toastmasters International.

Above all, Carol believes that language is a powerful business tool and wants to help her clients use Words to Win.

Hear Carol’s insights into the power of communicating your value, how to identify your value proposition, sharing your value, articulating your value and proposing your value.


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Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:

    Identify your value - Building a seven-point message strategy to ensure consistency, clarity and customer focus. Auditing current communication against that strategy, and building a plan to ensure that all communication is clear, customer-focussed and consistent. 

    Share your value - written content to deliver the strategic message. Content formats include website, brochures, blog articles, case studies, white papers, awards citations, elevator pitch, company presentations, capability statement and positioning statement. 

    Articulate your value -  training to help your team communicate the value message in their individual written and verbal engagements with clients. Helping to ensure that the message you have so carefully crafted is understood and passed on by your team. 

    Propose your value – Proposal management and content. A response to a tender is an opportunity to showcase your capabilities and differentiate yourself. It needs the same focus on message as all other forms of communication. This services helps companies to improve their win rate and win more business through tenders. 

  • How I can help Fresh members:

    I can help you to really clearly articulate what you do, especially in the one minute pitch, which is the very heart of building referrals through Fresh.

    I can help you develop your Fresh presentation - ensuring you have a great structure, and a strong delivery. This will give you the confidence to present to clients, again a core skill to winning more business. 

    I can help find guests to bring to Fresh when you present. 

    I can provide referrals to my own network.

  • The main business categories in my network are:

    Technology companies

    Engineering/construction companies


    Website developers


    Printing/graphic design

  • My target market is:

    Technology companies with revenue of $2m and over

    Businesses who spend on marketing but feel they are not getting the engagement they hoped for

    Businesses with a complex product that is 'hard to explain' - e.g. tech, finance, engineering

    Businesses who say 'It's hard to explain' when you ask what they do

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