Tim Harris-Prahran

Personal Profile

My goal is to bring success, growth and exposure to other businesses through clever and concise videos. 

One reason I love producing videos is I get to create something from nothing by turning ideas into assets. Combining technology with creativity is also a nice bonus.

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Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:
    • "About us" & promotional videos
    • Training videos & product demonstrations
    • Video testimonials & interviews
    • Conference & event filming
    • Full service production house from concept to delivery
  • How I can help Fresh members:

    I enjoy meeting and connecting with other businesses. Once I have built an initial relationship and understand your services and point of difference, I am able to share my network of professionals with you.

  • The main business categories in my network are:

    Photography, Marketing, Graphic Design, Copywriting

  • My target market is:

    Small-medium businesses with a visual product/service. A business where using words alone to describe their core business may not do them justice. They will already have a website and are looking to explore the use of video in their marketing efforts.

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