Tania Menahem-Brighton

Tania Menahem

Stress Management Consultant TGM Stress Management

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I am my business and have a strong and contagious passion to assist people and businesses alike in understanding Stress Management, Health, Wellbeing and Mindfulness to achieve a healthier, happier life or work environment.

Having worked in the health and wellness arena for over 15 years, my passion for teaching stress management is still so strong as it is often misconstrued as just being "stress management" however when you delve into it, it actually covers a lot more including nutrition, time management, self esteem, goal setting, breathing techniques and relaxation techniques, meditation, exercise, relationships, to mention a few. 

As TGM Stress Management I really enjoy assisting people, helping them to understand how to use stress as their friend and not their enemy and how to manage it to enjoy life to the full.

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Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:

    One on one Consultations

    Personal and private, together we can identify and demystify what causes stress in your life and by doing this we will be able to formulate a plan best suited to you personally to get you back on track. Re-discover the calmer, stronger and happier person that you truly are by applying sustainable stress-beating techniques.

    Corporate Group Workshops

    All the workshops are unique in that they are all individually developed specifically to each client's needs, requirement and time restraints. One hour, half day and full day workshops are generally offered (other timings can be arranged) and are designed to be semi-interactive. Workshops are generally held at the place of work however alternative arrangements can be made. By teaching and encouraging the use of  stress management techniques within the workplace, benefits to be gained include a healthier, happier work environment, achieving higher productivity, reduced turnover and better inter-staff relations.

  • How I can help Fresh members:

    I can help fresh members by passing on leads to those I meet who need some of the professions within Fresh to alleviate their stressors, for example, refer a client of mine to someone within the finance sector in Fresh if their stress is from financial issues or to someone within legal if someone is having stress related problems within a marriage or relationship, etc.

    I can also help with facilitating a workshop for Fresh members

  • The main business categories in my network are:

    They are from every industry however probably more predominantly within the finance sector, real estate, accountants and lawyers.

  • My target market is:

    My target market is any one person or organisation, big or small, with the foresight and appreciation of the  saying "prevention is better than a cure".

    My ideal target market are organisations where I can be an advocate to promote health and wellbeing and assisting them in achieving healthier, happier work environments achieving higher productivity, reduced turnover and better inter-staff relations.

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