Sonia Dunstan

Sonia Dunstan

Born and bred in the Latrobe Valley and with 28 years’ financial management experience, I provide accredited finance solutions for customers all over Australia.

My 23 years work with Westpac as a personal banker and portfolio manager, and five years with Toyota finance means there are few client scenarios I haven’t seen.

This experience has given me the knowledge and contacts to expertly deliver finance solutions for my clients and I take great pride in helping them secure their financial futures.

Home and Investment Loans

Whether you’re looking to fund a home or investment property, ensuring you tailor your application and loan structure to your unique situation and the bank’s policy and procedure is essential.

SMSF Loans

My experience in managing SMSF loan applications and partnership with an excellent accountant who helps set up trusts for SMSF investments ensures my clients receive tailored loan solutions.

Asset Finance

Having spent five years working with Toyota Finance I have strong asset finance connections and product knowledge. I also offer a personalised car shopping service for customers too busy to look around for the right car.

Business Lending

I offer a broad range of business lending solutions catering for business growth and cashflow solutions. Whether you need to take on new staff, finance business assets such as vehicles or commercial property, or secure a loan to avoid tax debt or other payment defaults, we have you covered.​

Debt Consolidation

If you have multiple lines of credit through personal loans, credit cards, home or investment loans, restructuring and consolidating that debt could fast-track your repayments and save you thousands.


Ensuring adequate risk management strategies are in place for you and your family is an essential part of finance management. Through our partnership with Wealth Market, I can put my clients in contact with a trusted finance adviser to ensure they have the adequate knowledge and resources to ensure their financial future is secure.



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