Simon Bowler-Thornbury

Simon Bowler

MORTGAGE BROKER Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers

Personal Profile

Simon’s extensive business and finance industry experience makes him a highly qualified adviser. Simon's expertise extends beyond personal finance (home and investment loans) to commercial, Agri (farming) and SMSFs.

“I see it as my role to understand my client’s needs and deliver the best solution to help them reach their goal, including loan products, loan structures, banking services and managing finances.”

Simon offers a fully mobile service based in Melbourne and can also assist clients in Adelaide, Sydney, and other locations in Australia.

Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:

    My services.

    I look at the customers overall situation, listen to what they are looking to do now and into the future. Spend time making sure they are fully aware of the pro's and con's. 

    I am broker for life, all my clients call me for a general chat or just wanting to chat about ideas or guidance on financing. 

    I have many years of banking experience with one of the top 4 banks, so I understand how the banks generally work. I have working in small business to large business before joining the banks, so I understand cash flow is king for business and personal finances.

    I like my customer to know I am their if they need me, for all types of finance situations. I.e. separations, purchasing guidance, reviewing, consolidating debt, tax debt, development, or just having a bad period and they need some guidance of their current finance situations.

  • How I can help Fresh members:
    • Business cash flow: is one area i can help Fresh members clients. 
    • When the top 4 banks are just giving your client headaches.  
  • The main business categories in my network are:

    Details coming soon...

  • My target market is:

    Everyone who is looking to buy a property of any type.I.e Residential and commercial properties.  

    • First home owners,
    • Investment loans,
    • Land and build or renovation loans
    • Consolidating various debts,
    • Business finance,
    • Time poor and need help in getting a loan, or just trying to understand bank jargon,
    • Current loan reviews: To sure your current debt is OK.

    Business clients looking for the following.

    • Business owners looking to buy a commercial property for their business, ever using their SMSF or a normal term commercial loan.
    • Medical practitioners, looking for Financing their equipment, fitouts or buying into a practise etc.
    • Businesses looking at their Cash flow who may have concerns or issues with their current cash flow. Ever from business growth or invoice payment delays and they do not have any security for an overdraft . Or the boring banks are giving your client a hard time.

    Self Employed people.

    • Having difficultly in getting a various types of  loan.
    • Again, having possible cash flow issues or looking for ways to stabilise cash flow.
    • New Vehicles finance options for work and have not finalised their tax returns.
    • Having GST or tax debt issues.


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