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Property Investment, Development and Management Viable Corporation

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Viable is a group of companies that provide an end-to-end property investment, development and management service.

From initial strategic and discerning property acquisition, through due diligence, design, construction, fit out, management, sales and leasing - our vertically integrated approach leads to increased value at every stage of our projects.

If you, or someone you know, are looking to make significant fixed returns on an investment that is secured by property, then please get in touch.


Viable Corporation

Viable has expertise across the property and assets management landscape, including acquisitions, holdings, development and management of a range of property and business assets including Industrial, retail, shopping centres, residential, commercial, industrial, fit out and civil construction.

Current development and construction projects encompass projects that include hotels, large commercial industrial developments, medium density residential apartment buildings, child care and medical centres, restaurants, factory developments, supermarkets and complete shopping centre redevelopment and value realisation projects.

Viable is also active within the planning, design, development management spaces across the various construction and development sectors.

In addition to this Viable has holdings and interests in Gold Mining, Renewable Energy and large scale agri business throughout Australia and parts of South America with interests, business units and active negotiations spread across Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam.

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  • The services I provide are:

    Viable is made up of a group of companies we call our Viable Divisions. The professionals within these divisions have decades of experience in the property and construction industry.

    Viable Corporation

    Our vertically integrated end-to-end approach from property acquisition through to management is facilitated through our Viable Divisions. This means that every stage of our projects are looked after by a specific and experienced group of experts. The benefits of having such a deep and broad experience base, is the knowledge and wisdom that come from many decades of operating in the property development and investment space. Our methodology ensures that the greatest possible value is gained at every step which in turn provides the best outcomes for all parties.

    Viable Capital

    Providing investors access to specific property funds yielding great returns with lower risk.

    Viable Construction

    Using only the best people and products to ensure projects stay within budgets and timeframes.

    Viable Real Estate

    Enabling commercial and residential assets to gain the greatest profits and returns.

    Viable Resources

    Extracting valuable materials from rich deposits using modern techniques and technology.

    Viable Design

    Property design, material selection and 3D rendering for communication and marketing.

  • How I can help Fresh members:

    Having been in business for myself and others for over 30 years, I have an extensive network outside Fresh. I'll be happy to grab a coffee/Zoom and 'Get Fresh' to understand you and your business more in an effort to connect you where I believe you can gain the most rewarding outcomes.

  • The main business categories in my network are:

    As Viable is across the entire property development and investment supply chain, please reach out if you are wanting to connect with companies that work in the property sector, or the high-net-worth individuals and institutions that invest with us.

  • My target market is:

    The best people to connect me with are those that work in the following industries:

    Finance / Banking / Superannuation

    Legal / Accounting / Professional Services

    Property / Construction / Leasing / Sales / Management

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