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Personal Profile

People are either moving towards happiness or away from unhappiness.

If we can help our people to be happier everyday by playing to their strengths and to be challenged in areas they find fun and exciting, they will be more productive, play better with each other, and stay longer.

Caliper Personality assessment and online analytics platform assists greatly with this.

The key challenges that organisations face today are:

1. Ensuring that you are hiring the best candidate for the role;

2. Understanding the challenging areas and hidden strengths of your people;

3. Finding tomorrow’s leaders by understanding your employees potential success in the role. 

By understanding the personalities of your new candidates and existing employees through Caliper’s single 60-minute assessment model, you are able to determine the potential of success of your people in their current and future roles over a 5 year period. Within a few clicks in the Caliper Online Analytics platform you can see the potential of everyone you have ever assessed in 52 Job Models, 56 Competancy Areas and 280 Behaviours, in a matter of seconds.

If you are wanting to increase productivity, positivity, engagement and longevity of your talent, reach out for a demonstration on the most advanced and serious profiling instrument available, Caliper.

Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:

    Caliper Personality Profiling can help your organisation in the following areas:


    Improve your decision making in the hiring process by understanding and individuals potential to achieve success in the key competency areas of the role.

    Individual Development

    Understand the potential challenges and unknown strengths of your people to develop bespoke training and micro-learning programs ensuring their most suitable career path.

    Succession Planning

    Find those individuals within your organisation that have the potential to succeed in leadership positions. Through a combination of the Caliper Profile and a 360 evaluation, you are put in control of decision making when it comes to promoting those from within.

    Team Analysis

    Ensure that you have all the people assets within your teams to create the best opportunity for high productivity and success.


  • How I can help Fresh members:

    With an extensive network outside Fresh, I can help you to connect with others in a effort to benefit both parties.

    And, I'll be happy to grab a coffee and 'Get Fresh' to see where I can help you to improve your talent decisions, and those of your clients.

  • The main business categories in my network are:

    Caliper is a global company in 14 countries. Since 1961, Caliper have assessed over 6 million people in 65,000 companies. 

    Caliper Australia has relationships in many sectors and with companies of variying size from small operators to multinationals. We operate in Australia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka and various counties and islands in the Oceana.

    Reach out and let me know who you need to reach and I am sure we’ll be able to assist.

  • My target market is:

    I love to work with people people. What does that mean? Anyone who is in charge of the human capital in any organisation is who I would like to connect with.

    A key contact would be the HR Director in a 200+ employee organisation who are looking to improve their recruitment process, their learning and development programs, along with their success planning.

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