Keith Rhodes-St Kilda

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Video Production for Melbourne Businesses.

Script writing, filming and editing.

You need a video curator to make sure your story grabs your target market by the throat. A strong opening supported by relevant footage, titles and effects, in time to the music. You need more than a videographer - a producer/ director who understands your marketing strategy and will:

  • get the right look, feel and story, quickly
  • get the best performance to camera
  • make sure the clip adheres to its intended purpose and outcome.

Meet me and see our work here.

Lets talk about why your business needs video, plan how to make it and execute the plan. That is film, photograph, animate, edit, draft review, and produce a final polished video.

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  • Bevan Robertson-Christie

    Timely, professional and a pleasure to work with. Keith goes out of his way to ensure the detail of what needs to be captured is on message. His quick turn around times along with perfect audio and sound track ensure an extremely high end final product. I would recommend Keith without hesitation to our clients and look forward to working with him again in the future.

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