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Personal Profile

York and York Legal is a highly respected, boutique firm providing business and private clients with commercially-focused legal advice and protection.

We use our deep knowledge of the law, local and international experience, and commercial expertise to:

  • Maximise your value and returns
  • Minimise your risks and exposures
  • Protect your assets

Why we are different:

Choosing the right legal partner is a critical decision. Clients place their trust in York and York Legal because they value:

  • A highly capable and engaged team of lawyers who quickly get to the heart of opportunities, risks and issues
  • Pragmatic legal advice grounded in the context of managing commercial and business risk
  • Deep industry experience including engineering, manufacturing, supply and distribution, and professional services
  • Experience in large and complex transactions including M&A, divestments, outsourcing, and cross-border
  • Extensive Board and governance experience, as Directors and advisors
  • A personalised service built on trust, relationships, understanding and responsiveness
  • Transparency and flexibility in fee options to ensure value from every engagement
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Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:

    How we've helped clients in the past:

    1. Assisted a professional services client company with drafting and negotiating an outsourcing contract as a supplier of the outsourced service.
    2. Assisted another client in a share sale agreement when the client was selling 50% of the shares of the company to a foreign owned company.
    3. Assisted a client with preparing the client's business for sale and then negotiated and finalised its sale.
    4. Prepared and advised on Terms and Conditions of Business for a consultant engineering company and a website design and development company.
    5. Prepared shareholders' agreement for another professional services client.
    6. Acted for landlords and tenants of many commercial and retail leases from simple to complex leasing circumstances (i.e. shopping centres or industrial sites).  
    7. Have assisted clients in resolving commercial disputes in the IT, supply and distribution, building services and engineering sectors.
    8. Have served on advisory and company boards of client companies in the commodity B2B chemical supply as well as in professional services sectors and a not for profit organisation.  Currently on the boards of two companies in Australia and NZ as well as a board of a not-for-profit organisation.


  • How I can help Fresh members:

    I have clients and friends reaching out to me for guidance and support in:

    1. buying or selling a business;
    2. how best to capitalise on an opportunity that might come knocking;
    3. setting out expectations from a business venture and documenting them legally;
    4. negotiating and settling on the contract for supply of goods or services to a larger business or gov. organisation;
    5. divorce from a bad deal or business marriage;
    6. chase a disrespectful client who isn't paying;
    7. jump on the management team or a board to help with governance or risk within a business; or,
    8. help business expansions or establishment overseas.

    So any of you Freshies who need guidance or support on any of the above or anything similar in business, are more than welcome to pick up the phone for a quick guidance or to bounce off ideas. 


  • The main business categories in my network are:
    1. Medical and health professionals;
    2. manufacturing, engineering sectors;
    3. industrial and maintenance services or goods providers; and,
    4. professional services (e.g. consultant engineers, accountants, business brokers, business advisors etc) in or associated with the above sectors.
  • My target market is:

    We have for clients in the Manufacturing, Engineering and Industrial product and service providers with the annual revenues from $2 mil to $40 mil with our key clients in the middle.

    Whilst ideally we look for clients in the range of $10-30 mil in annual revenue, we have capacity to also support and assist clients with revenues from $2 mil plus.

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