Joey Camilleri-Prahran

Joey Camilleri


Personal Profile

Organising a space is more than just removing the clutter and having a place for everything. An organised home or office can improve peoples lives and wellbeing as it gives them:

  • more freedom and control
  • less stress and anxiety
  • calmness
  • time to focus on their goals and values
  • a safe space to work and live
  • less time cleaning and looking for stuff
  • and more time to do the fun things

I take a calm non-judgemental approach to organising. And acknowledge that everyone learns and organises in different ways. My goal is to create organising solutions that work for each client. My clients are people who struggle, feel overwhelmed, or stressed with clutter and disorganisation. Or have an organising project and don’t know where to start.

I love what I do and am always looking at improving my skills, which is why I'm a proud member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganisation (ICD).

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Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:
    • Face to face / hands-on decluttering and organising
    • Virtual organising
    • Organising needs assessments and plans
  • How I can help Fresh members:

    As a professional organiser, I meet different people from all walks of life. Often when you start an organising process with a client, you begin to uncover additional services a client's needs. I love to refer to businesses I know and trust.

  • The main business categories in my network are:
    • Disability and Mental Health Workers
    • Junk Removalist
    • Charities / Op Shops
    • Secondhand Stores
    • Antique Dealers / Auction Houses
    • Storage Companies
    • Cleaners
  • My target market is:

    My target market is people who struggle, feel overwhelmed, or stressed with clutter and disorganisation. I support people who don't know where to start when it comes to decluttering and organising their home or office. They may be:

    • Seniors
    • Downsizers
    • People with a disability / NDIS participants
    • Managers of a deceased estate
    • Small to medium size business owners
    • People who are preparing their homes for sale

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