Bruce Moss-St Kilda

Bruce Moss

FINANCIAL PLANNER Transparent Wealth Pty Ltd

Personal Profile

Bruce has been providing specialist financial advice since 2006 and assisting clients in achieving their financial goals.

Bruce has been advising clients on wealth creation, gearing, superannuation, retirement planning, personal and business insurance, business succession, cash flow management, debt minimisation and also assisting clients with Centrelink and Estate Planning advice.

While providing advice Bruce's ‘ethos’ is to provide the highest level of advice appropriate for each client’s personal circumstances. The delivery of this advice will always be provided in the most transparent fashion possibl

Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:

    ‘High Touch’ Cashflow Management Programs

    Wondering where all your money goes?

    Mortgage / Debt Reduction

    Would you like to pay off your mortgage or debt earlier?

    Wealth Creation and Investment Management

    Managing your investment portfolio is more than just picking the right stocks.

    Risk Management & Personal Protection Strategies

    Have you thought about what would happen to your family if you are unable to work?

    Retirement Planning

    Have you got a solid retirement plan set in place to secure your future?

    Estate Planning Strategies

    Are your Wills, Power of Attorneys in place?

    Superannuation / Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s)

    Are you completely on top of your superannuation?
  • How I can help Fresh members:
    • Having an extensive network of professionals contacts allows me to provide referrals to your particular business. 

    Additionally, I will endeavor to understand your business which will allow me to provide referral opportunities to your business. 

  • The main business categories in my network are:

    Accountants, mortgage brokers & lawyers. 

  • My target market is:

    Specialising in Young Families

    We understand that juggling demands that children, work, financial commitments and lifestyle can be difficult.
    We provide families with peace of mind via our ‘Transparent Advice’ process.

    Specialising in IT Professionals

    We understand that juggling demands that being an IT Professional involves.
    At Transparent Wealth we are all about people and we get tech.
    We have a comprehensive understanding of the specific requirements of IT professions.

    Specialising in Retirees

    Retirement is an exciting new change in your life and a time of uncertainty about how you will manage your superannuation, investments, income and expenses. 
    If you have already retired, or retirement is looming, it’s time to start preparing now.
    By listening to you, understanding your lifestyle choices, your health options, and your overall financial position, we will plan for you to reach your retirement with calmness and peace of mind.

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