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Ashleigh Rae

Chief Podcast Nerd Virtually Awesome

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Aloha, I'm Ashleigh, Chief Podcast Nerd at Virtually Awesome (VA). We support the movers and shakers who are here with a BIG purpose to spread their messages far and wide through the power of podcasting.


Our business is made up of three amazing people:

  • Ashleigh, Chief Podcast Nerd, and Boss Lady
  • Scotty, Editor in Chief and Fremantle FC Fan
  • Josh, VA Podcast + Online Presence Manager

VA is a family business (Josh is Ashleigh's brother, Scott is her partner) and VA aims to sponsor it's first Virtual Assistant Educational Program in 2019 to provide the skills to the underprivileged in the Phillippines to ensure that they will always have the means to create wealth and financial abundance for themselves.  We believe in equality, and doing our part to make the world a better place for all of us to live gleefully in. 


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Fresh Profile

  • The services I provide are:

    Podcast Editing (casual or retainer basis) 

    Podcast Set-Up (get your systems set up smoothly from the beginning)

    Mini-Courses to support your Podcasting dreams

  • How I can help Fresh members:

    Keen to get on a Podcast but don't know where or how to go about it? We can help you with that, connecting you to relevant shows, and help you leverage it #likeaboss

  • The main business categories in my network are:

    Virtual Assistant - Podcast Support

  • My target market is:

    We work primarily with women entrepreneurs who are shaking things up, the activated advocates here to blaze a new trail and light the way and make this world a seriously better place than when they found it. Tired of seeing a broken system, they create and actively implement and spread the message of a new, improved system or way of being that creates long-lasting ripples through their communities and beyond. 

    We do not work with startups and work only within Australia and New Zealand. 

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