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New South Wales Online

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or professional in New South Wales, Fresh Online is the perfect way to grow your network and your business. If you understand the value of business networking but are time-poor (who isn’t?) Fresh Online offers the perfect answer – networking with more connections and without the hassle, time and travel. We’re the experts on online networking, so read on to find out more about Fresh Online and how we can help you to make the most of your precious time.

Our meetings

Fresh Online area and state hub meetings are held fortnightly over zoom. We have several different meeting agendas, and rotate through them, to keep things fresh, dynamic and fun. Our meetings are opportunities to hear about members’ businesses, discuss business issues, ask for help and make new connections.

Although we hold our meetings online, we’re not tied to the screen. Because we’re organised by local area, it’s easy to catch up face to face between meetings if you choose to.

Beyond New South Wales

Of course online networking breaks geographic barriers – Fresh Online has area hubs across not just New South Wales, but Victoria and Queensland too. When you join Fresh Online, you not only attend your area hub meetings, but can visit any other area hub in Australia, as often as you like.

It’s all part of building the strong connections that are the hallmark of Fresh Online.

How does this online hub work?

Fresh Online New South Wales is divided into area hubs, under the umbrella of the state hub.

When you join Fresh Online, you join an area hub, based on the local government area in which you live and/or work. Typically, an area hub will cover between one and four local government areas – for example, the Northern Beaches, or Eastern Suburbs.

Whatever your business category – from accountant to business coach, graphic designer to physio or anything in between, you’ll hold it exclusively within your area hub.

Newer hubs with fewer than 10 members, will join together with the state hub for meetings. At any time, there will be a few of these, all at the Fresh Online New South Wales meeting. Of course, this could mean that you may not be the only person in your category in those state hub meetings.

But as soon as the area hub reaches 10 members, it’s ready to ‘go it alone’ and have its own meetings, separately from the state hub. It’s a good incentive to help introduce potential new members and get your hub growing!


Our Next Meeting

At every meeting, a member gives a presentation about their business, or a topic on which they are an expert.

This helps us to build the ‘know, like and trust’ that is at the heart of Fresh. By getting to know a member that bit better, we get closer to understanding their ideal referral and whether we can introduce them to any of our contacts.

Speaker Presentation for next meeting:

Karina Fox

  • Mortgage Broker
  • New South Wales Online, Sydney Western Suburbs
5 Tips to Increase Your Borrowing Power as an Australian Business Owner

You own your own business, you've approached your bank, and you've been knocked back for finance. Sound familiar? Karina Fox, from Diagnostics and Finance, will show you under the hood how lenders look at your borrowing and how you can change it.

Key points
  1. Understanding the key levers you can pull to propel your borrowing power.
  2. How you, as an Australian business owner, can prepare yourself better for the right borrowing.
  3. It's not always about making more money!

New South Wales Online Members

Sarah Bauling

  • Perfect Pitch
  • Business Coach
  • Co-Facilitator
  • New South Wales Online, Sydney The Hills District

Karina Fox

  • Diagnostics and Finance
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Education Coordinator
  • New South Wales Online, Sydney Western Suburbs

Craig Stephens

  • Workflow & Process Consultant
  • New South Wales Online, Victoria Online, Queensland Online, Melbourne Bayside

Krysten Sutton

  • The CRM Team
  • Cloud Software
  • New South Wales Online


Come along as a guest and experience a Fresh Online meeting for yourself. You can be sure of a warm welcome and some great connections.


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