Fresh Corporate

Fresh Corporate is launching! Join us at an Expression of Interest meeting on Tuesday, 6th of March, 9:30am to 11am.

Please arrive before the scheduled start time so you can find a park and remember to bring your business cards!

Venue: Waterman Business Centre, Caribbean Park
Address: 44 Lakeview Drive, SCORESBY, VIC 3179
Parking: Free parking is available. Best parking at rear of the venue.
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Mission and Purpose

If you are a corporate, private company, national or multi-national who’s target audience and existing networks are other corporates, national or multi-nationals this is the networking group for you.

Fresh Corporate is designed to assist corporate companies network with companies at a similar level so they can save time and effort through more targeted networking. You will be able to work with referral partners who can introduce business at scale, create meaningful joint initiatives and who have the connections that are significant to your business.

Hubs will contain non-competing companies to allow for greater collaboration and sharing.

Fresh Corporate embodies the Fresh values which include:

  • A fun, dynamic, Fresh Approach to Networking that is not stuffy, or regimented, with no quota systems for referrals
  • Flexible within a structured framework
  • Being a committed member, inviting guests, turning up, moving the Hub forward
  • Think Fresh First – wherever possible use, recommend and promote Fresh member services first
  • Embracing a community spirit – being engaged in the wider Fresh community and its various initiatives and events
  • Giving back to the community – supporting charity and philanthropy

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Venue: Waterman Caribbean Park44 Lakeview Drive, Scoresby, VIC 3179

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